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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Decline of Church Attendance in the United Kingdom

The numbers of those attending Church of England Churches on Sundays have fallen to half of the 1960 levels. A census also revealed that the number of those who call themselves Christian in the UK have declined by 4 million in a decade.

Indications that efforts to "modernize" the C of E services through changes in the prayer book and other changes have not succeeded in drawing young people.

All of this really is not new to many of us who have witnessed the decline of the Anglican Communion. A similar situation exists in Canada.

There is a need for the Ordinariate, especially in the UK, to address this situation by taking active steps in building their communities and making them attractive to the unchurched.

 I know that in some communities there is a sense of discouragement, but this should really be a motivating factor in taking active steps as far as outreach and evangelization is concerned. There is a vacuum that needs to be filled and the Ordinariate should do what it can to address the situation wherever it exists. 

The first step would be for each community to develop an action plan. The sharing of ideas from those communities that are experiencing real growth with those communities that are struggling could help. 

One community, here in Canada, that is showing positive signs of growth is the Sodality of St. Thomas More in Toronto. There an active attempt is being made to outreach to young people in a local college and, recently, two people were received into the Catholic Church in that community. Another draw, at this particular community, is their excellent music which accompanies their liturgies.

More can be read about the decline in church attendance in the UK at this link:

Daily Mail

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